How to do lollipop dates chocolate-covered


You may seem recipe strange name somewhat, especially when you reach the half of the article and see the steps you may find it rather long, but these simple steps and a very easy and shows you tips that will help in the learning step by step, and after these steps will be able to get the lollipop dates chocolate-covered by pictures I prefer to eat dates. Therefore, this recipe is very suitable for lovers of dates. And when I learned that my mother Licorice and dates of the key ingredients in the recipe was very surprised.

And prefers to use fresh fennel and it is known that fennel has many health benefits you have, such as that used in the treatment of anemia and stomach to be bloated and constipation and diarrhea and respiratory disorders and menstrual disorders and fennel large-scale uses such as perfumed mouth and toothpaste and anti-acids and plus it protects against cancer because it contains flavonoids and phenolic and are the elements inhibit the growth of tumors.

And because it is rich in dietary fiber, and a lot of these fibers are soluble and thus reduces constipation and water absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, fiber has been linked to the disposal of bile and toxins in the liver and cleanse the colon, and thus help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood and get rid of stomach pain, and stimulate digestion.

In addition, the chocolate has many benefits and because they contain large amounts of antioxidants, which neutralize the effects of free radicals and thus may reduce the risk of certain diseases such as cancer, premature aging, heart disease.

It is known that chocolate is a good cure for depression, because it increases the level of serotonin and is a good anti-depressant. And thus improve mood and relaxation and increase the feeling of happiness and reduce stress.

Improved look and because it improves the performance of the circulatory system, and thus improve the blood supply to the brain, and studies have shown that chocolate improves blood flow to the eye, and network improves vision in people who eat chocolate every day.

So we hope that this recipe you like and check its health benefits:

Ingredients :

(Existing components produces about 19 sucker)
3 cups of dates.
1/4 cup water.
2 large hanging from fennel seeds.
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips.
Wooden skewers necessary to put padding on them.

Processing method:

Remove the seeds of dates and place it in a measuring cup.

Tip Be sure to remove all the seeds well, especially if you use the pass dryer because the presence of seeds for the lead to mold and insects that are found in the egg dried dates.


Dates placed in a blender and add water and fennel him to work a creamy paste, this may take a little time and you will need to stop the blender and turn it several times to get the dough harmonious.


And then put a paste of dates in a plastic bag or a tube, but plastic bag is easier to use the tube needs you force your hands while pressing.


Then pressure on the bag and work long lines thickness of approximately 1/4 inch, and create a circular zigzag lines around to get the circular shape of cabbage such as wheels.


put it at a temperature of 115 degrees for 8 hours and monitored continuously until completely dry out the dough and roll supplement long-line

In other words internal winding the rope around himself to get a tight coil ..


And allow it to dry for a period of 8 hours, so as not to become attached to and during that work chocolate sauce. put Chocolate chip in a blender and a sufficient amount of water to the work of chick

To work Lollipop, put a paste of dates in the middle of each roll (wheel) you have made.

Then dipped in chocolate popsicle party thieves to get lollipop dates chocolate-covered.

How to prepare chicken taco in a new way


The meal sandwiches chicken soft taco very healthy meal plus it delicious food. You can easily do and put too much padding. You can start by reading the instructions necessary to do so. It is a meal rich in many important for the health of the body of nutrients.

Ingredients :

+ 1 kilo of chicken breast and thighs or a combination of both.
Salt, pepper and seasoning tacos you prefer.
8 pieces of chips or corn flour tortilla.
Grated cheddar cheese.
Tomatoes and be cut into cubes.
whipped cream .
+ Salad

Chicken taco action steps:


Chicken processing:

Chicken processing, remove the breasts or thighs of packaging and disposal of plastic and wash the chicken well and then dry the chicken well paper towels on a platter.

* You can use chicken breasts or thighs or legs or any part of the chicken according to what you prefer, and to ensure that they are free from the bone.
Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap before handling chickens.

Turn the chicken with salt and pepper and spices and left to the time before the use of chicken.

Fried chicken:

Put the big hanging from the oil in the pan, and put it on the stove and heat the oil well, then put the chicken in the pan and leave it until it is golden brown in color and often takes about 3 minutes on each side of the chicken.

Note the chicken pieces well so as not to burn.

Closing of cooked chicken:

by placing the lid on the pan and reduce the temperature and cook the chicken at a temperature of 160 degrees and monitored until the pink color turns to white, and then when it becomes ready remove it from the pan and place it on the cutting board.

Chicken cut up and, using a fork to cut the meat well and detach the skin and bone located inside and then put the chicken in a bowl and taste you may need to add more spice.

Tortilla processing:


Heat the pan over medium heat, and prefer to use a non-stick pan and if you want the flavor of the chips appetite, add a little butter or a small hanging from the oil to the pan and heated up.

Put tortilla chips in the pan.

Heating chips, and then flipping them on both sides and you can use a pair of tweezers to help you with it. And it is cooked once it turns to a brown. And attention so as not to burn and then put it on the blackboard, the order on paper towels and cotton cloth covered to keep them warm during cooking.

You can warm tortilla chips, in the microwave instead of the pan.

Be sure to remove tortilla chips from the pan before the ripple, and may need more oil or butter in order to be thin.

Putting Tacos:


Place the chicken hanging in the center of tortilla chips, you can add a lot or a little depending on what you prefer.

Tacos lay scattered manner, and fill the tortilla with cheese and lettuce and tomato.

Repeat with remaining tortillas, chicken stuffing chips and cheese and lettuce, tomato, and drew a good sandwich.

You can submit it with a plate of whipped cream and salad and add special spices Taco.

And is now ready.

Ice Cream Steak strawberries and lavender

Ice Cream Steak recipes very appetizing and refreshing that everybody loved, and rather than buy it from outside of the home you can set it up yourself at home recipe is very tasty and healthy too that this recipe is quite different and because you are adding lavender to strawberry to get lollipops ice cream strawberries and brilliant lavender , trust us will get a different flavor.

Strawberry Ice Cream Steak

 Ingredients :

+ 2 cups of strawberries cut into slices.
1 cup sugar.
1 cup milk.
1 cup Greek yogurt.
1 tablespoon of lavender.

You can get from these components on 10 lollipops.

Total processing time required for this recipe is 10 hours 20 minutes. Including 10 minutes for processing, 10 hours to cook.

The main components of this recipe is strawberry and lavender.


Taking a large hanging of lavender and add to the 1/2 cup sugar and a cup of milk in a bowl for the work of a small sauce. Heating the mixture on medium fire until it boils and then low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved, remove it from the stove. Lavender and leaving descended in warm milk for 5 minutes. These components give a mild flavor of lavender, you can increase the quantities to get stronger and that flavor using 2 hanging of lavender and increase the amount of sugar 3/4 cup sugar. These methods are very useful.

You must make sure that you are using the proper lavender for cooking. Although all types of lavender are edible, but the culinary lavender light and sweet, but there are other types of visits may serve as a poison to the body

In such a small vessel in which you make the sauce done, place 2 slices of strawberries and 1/2 cup of the remaining sugar and cook over medium and low. This may take about 5-10 minutes to get a drink strawberries.

As a result, you should have 2 cups of precious lavender and 1 cup of strawberry syrup and put the mixture into Popsicle molds to create a marbled effect.

Put a popsicle stick in the mold and freezing for 10 hours or more.

After his release from the refrigerator you will find a wonderful form of Popsicle highlights from lavender and strawberries.

Here are the benefits of this recipe:

Strawberry There is the high content of vitamin C and is a powerful antioxidant that maintains the health of cells and this makes it the most useful fruit for the prevention of serious diseases and the most important of cancer and heart disease and the symptoms of aging resistance. Strawberries contain important minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese and working to strengthen bones and build strong bones, especially for children.

Vitamin C also works to protect the eye from the harmful rays of the influence and strengthen the cornea and the retina and prevent cataracts.

Strawberries diuretic good for Paul and protects the overall formation of gallstones.

Potassium is found in strawberries helps in controlling blood pressure, so they are of heart health beneficial fruits.

Strawberries ovary good for the teeth and because Strawberries contain organic acids is working to bleaching teeth and strengthen gums and treatment of oral infections.

This fruit is very useful for diabetics because they contain a substance Quercetin that are resistant to the symptoms of diabetes.

Are also useful in the treatment of arthritis and gout accumulation of toxic substances in the body and acids, such as uric acid in the body.

Strawberry is working to improve the functions of the brain, caused by aging, where the brain tissue begins to atrophy and since they contain iodine needed to improve the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

The treatment of acne scars

After the treatment of pimples and acne, comes the task of treating acne scars by all means and treatments that restore skin radiance and glory and return as they were before. Today, there are a lot of chemical products that address the problem of pimples and the effects of acne, but in the same time destroy the skin over time. what are we doing ?!

Here the treatment of acne and its effects are 100% natural. Basic components of this treatment is the spice of nature where you fight bacteria and dirt and other infections that infect the skin

NB may cause the spices used in the treatment of skin sensitivity for those with sensitive skin. Therefore, I advise not to use it. While others can be used to treat acne and Christsaloa the amazing results

Things needed for the possible treatment of the effects of acne

Everything you need for this recipe is in the kitchen!

+ spoon
Small dish
Cinnamon powder

The first step:

In a small bowl and clean my half hanging from turmeric. Turmeric is widely used in the treatment of skin infections because it is known that eliminates bacteria. Turmeric contains anti-oxidants that reduce the production of melanin properties and thus reduces the skin imperfections. Turmeric are amazingly component to cure acne. Turmeric may leave a trace of yellow color on the skin after using the recipe. But do not precarious slowly disappear in a few hours only.

 The second step:

Post your hanging of cinnamon. Cinnamon is peeled and stunning natural skin. They are used as an antiseptic and anti-fungal and anti-viral. It works the peeling skin deep. It also stimulates the follicles making the other components of the recipe works deeper.

 The third step:

Post half hanging from the heart of the lemon juice and blend well. Lemon juice contains ascorbic acid which is a natural astringent pore. Lemon contains anti-bacterial components drought caused acne. If it was not appropriate for your skin lemon just skip this step and Do not add lemon the recipe.

 Step Four:

Then add hanging of honey to the mixture and stir well by spoon ingredients until you get a soft dough. Best not to skip the step of honey because honey supportive Created with strong spices. Honey is used primarily in the treatment of acne and opens the closed pores and eliminates bacteria and reduces pain.

Honey also moisturizes the skin and thus dehydration of the skin does not occur when you use this recipe. If honey is causing any problems to the skin Replace honey with milk or yogurt.

How to use ?

Place the mixture on the affected places acne or pimples and leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Grease and then face cream moisturizer so as not to dry the skin. You can store the remainder of the mixture in the refrigerator for 3 days and used every day. Blisters begin to heal from the first day and after three days of use will be dealt with.

Try this recipe to fight pimples naturally they are inexpensive and have a very effective best of all the precious products are sold in the markets. Also not cause any side effects. But these ingredients will nourish the skin and make it more healthy.

48 advice to take care of your beauty every day

Asks a lot of the ladies what to do each day to keep the special beauty with a large number of what you want to take care of it from your skin and your hair and nails and so on which you want to pay attention to in order to show you are the most beautiful and this article contains a set of tips that will make it easier to maintain your beauty task

Simple Tips to keep your beauty every day:

Skin care:

1. folk cleansing and moisturizing your skin twice daily in the morning and before going to sleep using a medical cleaning products and moisturizing blends you like best

2. You must make sure that your skin peeled from the effects of make-up completely before going to sleep, allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate during sleep properly

3. Any mixture makes use of them put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before use so as to be somewhat cool, which refreshes your skin

4. To reduce the effects of sunburn nationalist using cucumber juice with some lemon drops and moisten it a piece of cotton and put them on your skin and leave for 20 minutes and then wash your face

5. If you want to keep your skin soft and shiny nationalist put mashed potatoes on your skin for 30 minutes, then wash them and nationalist You will get the result you want

6. You can also use this mixture of saffron and yogurt and Bisan for skin shiny and supple

7. Women skinned fatty sensitive you must use the alcohol-free detergent in order to preserve the freshness of your skin

8. folk massage your face before you put ice cubes Make it helps install the make-up for a longer period

9. When you go out national development and sun visor degree at least 30

10. folk using a pharmaceutical to clean your face instead of plain soap to keep your skin neutral and pure

11. The ideal time to put moisturizers on the skin after a shower is directly

12. allocated days in the month in which your face gets the cleaning of special quality

13. If you want to be able to get on the skin taut. Dress mixing oatmeal with warm water and put them on your skin for 30 minutes and you’ll notice the difference when you maintain the application of this mixture

14. Put a moisturizer for the body after bathing directly to your body gets the necessary hydration

15. folk peel the skin once a week your body to get rid of dead cells

16. Eat lots of leafy vegetables through daily Videos Watch even reduces the oxidation process of cell

17. If your face contains a lot of wide-pore nationalist put egg whites on your skin for 15 minutes and then wash it in order to narrow the breadth of the pores

18. If you start some inflamed pimples show up in your face Put some of the eye drops or antibiotics over it and let it all night to remove the inflammation

19. The place of elbows with a dark color Place two slices of lemon above the elbows before showering.

Lip Care:

20. For the lips of a healthy national development of margarine or butter on your lips before going to bed

21. For the lips shiny nationalist put Vaseline on your lips before going to bed and when you wake up Use a toothbrush to remove dead cells

22. If the lip gloss glides off my lips so-called Concealer on the lips

23. When you apply lip gloss or Vaseline or margarine on your lips smiled even material between the folds of the skin to better permeate true

24. If you want to be smeared eyeliner pen makers in the national development of some of the shadowed eyes of the same color or a different color degree a little less
Eye Care:

25. When you use the eye fluid to specific national using a white pen with him to make the eyes look more spacious

26. If you suffer from swollen eyes must be applied by the ice cubes every day to soothe the stress of infection

27. to get rid of dark circles under the eyes Place two slices of tomato on your eyes closed and relax

28. If you want to look idea to keep a better eye on my eyelids moisturizer or cream first

29. Apply Mascara brown color better and more freshness to the eyes of black color

30. Place the mascara on the lashes of the upper eyelid and put it on the lower eyelid because it would leave a shadow undesirable

Tips to remove excess hair:

31. The best time to remove the hair from your feet after bathing be immediately to avoid injuries

32. If you want to remove hair without showering first Soak a cotton swab with warm water and I passed them on your feet and start by removing hair

33. Remove the hair in the direction of growth and not vice versa

Hair care tips:

34. in the daily diet should contain a lot of zinc, iron and biotin to reduce hair loss

35. Try as much as possible to choose the form of your hair so you do not do you use a flatiron or too much heat because the heat damage the hair

36 people laid off from the roots of your hair and even parties every day in the night it refreshes your hair and distributes the oils around the hair better

37. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair does not always tumble hot water

38. Wash your hair with water like a professional: Soak your hands then screening them from the middle of the hair and then all the way from the scalp and even the middle

39. advised to wear the hijab, or that you are not veiled advised to wear a hat to protect hair from the sun

40. If you suffer from dry hair must use a comb wide toothed hair

41. If you used for another color to your hair Do not try to use shampoos containing sulfates because this will impact negatively on the hair and color

General tips:

42. If you are tied to the date and want to put make-up must be accepted by the authors of a period sufficient to seem in normal condition during the occasion

43. to improve blood circulation in the feet folk lifting the feet while relaxing

44. When you take care of your hands you should know that everything that tumble on his skin and your face in keeping the skin of your hands

45. When you want to remove dry and dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet must place it in warm water for at least 5 minutes and after the use of stone or whatever tumble him rubbing my feet a moisturizing creams

46. To avoid swollen feet Put your feet in hot water for 3 minutes, then put them in cold water for one minute duration and repeat the above for 15 minutes

47. MAKE your feet to feel comfortable Put your hands on the foot of the curve down and pressure several times and then pull your hands, starting from the top of the fingers and even higher ankle with skin pulling nicely

48. For the shiny white teeth Put strawberries on your teeth daily

Methods of hair care in summer

The hair care in the summer is very important to maintain the beauty and health of the summer problems that hurt him, women’s hair is a crown of beauty that give him God Almighty has, so every woman likes to have her hair at the top of its beauty and attractiveness always but atmospheric changes greatly affect hair and especially in the summer, as the high temperature lead to damaged hair and split ends and seeming tired and pale, therefore we will through this article to explain the most important methods of hair care during the summer

Hair Care Tips in the summer:

1. Good nutrition for hair, where you should be sure your hair gets him on important nutrients so make sure to eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acid, and Follow a balanced healthy diet because the body’s health will be reflected positively on the health of the hair.

2. Drink plenty of water, so keep your hair follicles moist always.

3. When you go out in the morning wearing a veil of some sort helps protect your scalp from the hot sun so as not to damage the head and a wealth lead to hair damage, and make sure that the scalp is like the rest of the body affected by high heat.

4. Avoid the use of industrial products during the summer, especially if they contain alcohol, where it leads to dry hair unnecessarily, and you can use on products containing olive oil or coconut oil as an alternative

5. Use a moisturizer for hair intended for dry hair or washing your hair too much, because the wash day also will make him lose oils.

6. Make a Mask for hair to nurture and moistened once a week at least.

7. If you are wearing a veil for a long time during the day, it could lead to increased sweat hair and avoid taking it, wash your hair daily, and choose a shampoo that helps to nourish hair follicles and stimulates the supply of oxygen to a wealth head

8. If your hair is weak and mild wash day using shampoo helps to increase the thickness of the hair follicle, massaging your scalp this shampoo and leave for some time and then rinse with water.

9. reduced as much as possible from your use of styling tools with hot temperatures to prevent breakage.

10. If I had to use the hair iron or hair dryer who shall put moisturizer on your hair before is to begin to use it.

11. Avoid washing your hair with hot water, and instead wash cool or lukewarm water because hot water hurt the hair.

12. To avoid taking bombed hair cut nationalist parties every 6-8 weeks as the hair grows faster during the summer

By following these tips you will be able to enjoy the summer vacation without the high temperature and the hot sun during the summer caused damage your hair and losing its luster, health and attractiveness.

Clean Facial Toner mixing aloe vera and lemon juice

Looking for the natural character helps clean the face? Solution is in your hands now is a natural toner from a natural ingredient, you can set it up and prepare yourself well. Aloe Vera Gel leaf and lemon juice, two elements that contain ingredients rich in vitamins are very beneficial for the skin. Aloe Vera maintains the cleanliness and health of the skin and also reduces the inflammation and pains.

The lemon juice and citric acid found it is also beneficial for the skin. Lemon juice is a natural peeled used to remove the upper layers of dead cells. And also it helps to hide the scars and pigmentation of the skin. And it is excellent in moisturizing the skin. This recipe is very suitable for all skin types.

How do you clean the face by aloe vera prepare toner for the face:


* 2 sheets of aloe vera
Juice of half a lemon
1 hanging honey

* Blender
a knife


The first step:

Cut two sheets of aloe vera . Remove the edges of each side that have shaped letters. Then cut the paper itself to 2-3 pieces. This method facilitates the output of the gel from the aloe plant.

The second step:

Use a knife to remove the gel from the leaves and does not harm the descent of some of the pulp with the gel. Put the gel with lemon juice and honey in a blender. And run the blender for 30-60 seconds.

The third step:

You can put the mixture directly on the face and neck and Avoid the eye area because it is very sensitive for 10-15 minutes. You can also soak a piece light cloth in the mixture and then put it on the face and neck and the cloth placed on the face for 20 minutes or more because the mixture does not touch the skin directly.


Put compresses on the eye area when the work catcher If you’re worried about the irritation of this region
If I felt stinging Do not be afraid. It may be because of the lemon so you have diluted some of the water next time
After removing the mixture and rinse face with warm water grease moisturizing cream
This can be done catcher once a month.
You must use after peeling to face either a commercial product or peeled my house must be put sunscreen cream after work peeling. This is because the skin is more susceptible to sunburn. So remember put visor sun cream when exposed to the sun so as not to waste your effort which is being made in Peel.