9 Habits destroy the immune system


Many things can ruin your health and your body and cause many problems in your immune system may do, how to behave at that time? There is no doubt that you should immediately get away from these habits and the things that caused the destruction and weakness in your immune system so we show you to take care with them.

immune system
1. Lack of sleep:
When you sleep, the immune system begins to learn the best ways to attack the new bacteria, viruses, and other causes. If you do not get a premium enough sleep, the body will not be able to cope with diseases effectively. Sleep good enough for 6 days only, it prevents the body from the use of vaccines. There is another study showed that lack of sleep makes it difficult to cope with the flu. It is imperative to sleep for 7-8 hours a day, to keep the immune system.

2-sit throughout the day:
Lack of exercise increases the chances of disease. The presence of respiratory infections continued by 42% in people who have a workout for once a week or less, compared to people who have a workout about 5 times or more per week, and according to a study published in the British Journal. And it appeared on the people who do not exercise at all sports more severe symptoms than others. You must exercise every day, such as walking or running, and so to keep the immune system healthy.

Unity puts your body in a position to prepare for a fight, and that according to the study, which lasted for five years. When the individual feels lonely, increases the secretion of the hormone Norodrnalin. During crises, Alonorodrnalin hormone increases production of white blood cells that heal. But the unit time, closes the section on combating viruses existing immune system and leaves the individual vulnerable to disease. When you feel lonely, ask for support from a family member or friend.

You can not prevent yourself from tension and stress during work hours, but remain tense and nervous even after office hours, you expose yourself to the disease. Tension has had mixed results regarding the immune system, it remains the body’s defense against injuries and wounds, but may cause inflammation because the tension and chronic stress harms the immune system. For example, according to a study published in the Medical Journal showed that people exposed to stress and constant stress are more susceptible to cold for people who are less tense and stressful.

5. Fat:
Saturated fat represents a risk for the immune system, causing inflammation. It is unrelated to the other, unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory substances and help control some of the proteins that help the body identify germs, and according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Replace the beef dish heavy saturated fat last dish of salmon or tuna because it is rich in omega-3

6. Taking antibiotics immediately after feeling pain in the throat or any pain:
Antibiotics disrupt the dialogue that occurs between the immune system and between the bad and good bacteria. Studies conducted on mice showed that antibiotics reduce the number of white blood cells that are resistant to diseases and reduce the molecules responsible for a stronger immune system. Taking medication eliminates the disease quickly, but after the removal of the effects of the treatment, the immune system is more vulnerable. You have to give the opportunity for the immune system to fight the disease itself without outside assistance.


7. The Special immune system badly your life partner:
If I did not have your immune system strong partner, you are likely to have a bad immune system as well. The study found that the nature of the immune have mothers and fathers, who lived together, they have less than 50% of their own immune system is different compared to people around them. The researchers summarized the study found that people living in one place, they have the same environment and similar habits.

8. Behavior:
Alcohol destroys the immune system. Alcoholism make white blood cells less effective in the face of harmful bacteria, and make the body less able to produce cells that kill bacteria and viruses. After drinking, the body is weak in the fight infections become.

9-excess weight:
Healthy weight ideal body protects against various diseases. Obesity is a kind of malnutrition, and can change the number of white blood cells in the body. Stationed fat around the abdomen affect the immune system is more than the entire total body fat, and according to a report published in the Journal of Nutrition Society.


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