Do not miss the benefits of banana peel to take care of your beauty

We made by the uses and benefits of banana peel and today offer you more of the benefits of banana peel bananas contains many of the nutrients needed by the body, but a lot of us is to get rid of the peels are not aware that it has many benefits, but did you know that crust filled with antioxidants and minerals , and vitamins.

the benefits of banana peel :

If your skin is dry, there is an easy way to moisturize the skin well using banana peels only, instead of having to pay a lot of money on commercial products of any kind of skin moisturizers, it can be done at home using a banana peel only.

1 –Determine the part of your body that are suffering from the drought and want moistened.
2 –
Taking peels and put it on your skin.
3 –
Make sure it is well placed on the skin.
4 –
If you want better results, you can rub a banana peel on the skin or the exact location, which suffers from dry skin or fading and pallor.
5 –
This is a very important step should be left for an hour or two hours, but at least an hour.
6 –
Then you can remove the peels and rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Tips When using a banana peel:

    +You should not attempt to workout so if you are allergic to bananas.

You should avoid doing this day because it may cause irritation to the skin.

Here’s even more of the benefits of banana peels:

1. treat mosquito bites:

Rub a banana peel on a mosquito bite helps to relieve itching and reduce swelling, but there is no scientific proof of this.

2. Shoe Shine:

There are a great alternative to polish the shoe is to use a banana peel, simply rub the shoe inner part of the banana peel, and when you’re done wiping shoe with a soft cloth, where the banana is full of potassium, is very useful in polishing shoes, and in addition to that, the natural oils in the banana peel help to make your shoes last with you longer.

3. Teeth Whitening:
Believes that the potassium in banana peels help to whiten your teeth, as the choice of bananas, which seems quite mature, is contains a high amount of potassium, where it is you take a banana peel and rubbing on your teeth is fully encapsulated for two minutes at least, leave the dough for ten seconds and when you’re done, brushing teeth toothpaste teeth to remove the remnants of banana peels.

4. Remove the skin from pimples:
Use banana peels on the blisters pills every night helps heal blisters and prevent it from returning once again, since all you have to do is cut a piece of ripe banana peel large enough to cover the affected area, and placed and installed using medical tape, and leave it for a day and a night, and the removal of the crust in the morning, and you will notice an improvement after the first day of use, and you can hold it until the pimples are still completely.

5. treatment of chapped skin:
Banana peels help to remove cracked skin, as all you have to do is to cover the affected area dry, scaly patches bananas and secure it using medical tape, and leave it for a few hours or overnight, as in the banana peels enzymes blessed with the skin, which helps to treat cracks and drought.

6. treatment of bruises:
Home recovering from the bruise treatments is to use a banana peel on the skin, where they can rub a banana peel on the bruise, or put it on the place of the bruise for a day and a night.

7. silver polishing:
Banana peel can help to restore shine and luster silver distorted, where it can be a little blending of banana peels with some water, rub the silverware it, then washed and dried with a clean cloth.

8. reduce the appearance of wrinkles:
Rub the inner crust of a banana wrinkles helps in reducing the appearance of lines and prevent future, as the antioxidants vitamin C found in a banana enhances the production of collagen and helps to improve blood circulation.

9. plant nutrition:
Plant dig down about four inches and was buried banana peels, as the potassium helps plants grow.

10. treat acne:
You can rub the inner banana peel on your face or places of acne for ten minutes emergence to assist in the treatment of acne, and leave for 10 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water.

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