Group foods to gain weight and fight the slim 12 type must be dealt with


Many people suffer from excessive thinness always looking to gain more weight and are resorting to different methods that will help them gain weight quickly is the most important ways in which they can gain weight is careful to eat foods that help gain weight when Continuously fruit and a lot of them and now we will clarify the most important foods that help gain weight quickly.



1.pills for breakfast:

The need to eat cereal for breakfast helps significantly and effectively to gain more weight, especially try to add approximately 10 or 12 grams of grain to increase when your breakfast to gain more calories

2. Macaroni:

Eating 2 ounces of cooked pasta provide the body including approximately 75 calories as carbohydrate-rich pasta and therefore help to fill the body and weight gain be sure to eat pasta to increase your weight.

3. Peanut butter:

Putting handful of peanuts salted butter on bread gives you 192 calories, as you well so that you eat peanut butter, both in milkshakes or any other way you prefer, as you must know that it is rich in a very high percentage of proteins.

4. Chocolate Butter:

The 100 grams of liquid chocolate or chocolate butter contain 541 calories, so be sure to eat liquid chocolate even gaining weight faster.

5. Cheese:

The one part of the cheese the old cheddar provide the body with 69 calories, especially if you address them with fruits such as apples or pears, as cheese, milk contains a high proportion of protein and calcium in addition to the high percentage of fat and cholesterol.

6. Salad dressing:

Depending on Nog dressing you use and the amount that you put into salad and one tablespoon of dressing gives you 50 to 85 calories, and be sure to choose the dressing delicious and creamy like black pepper.

7. butter or margarine:

The only eating 5 grams of butter provide the body with 36 calories when you returned that bread.

 8. Chocolate:

A small piece of chocolate contains 37 calories, and different types of chocolate and the multiplicity of calories that provide the body with the percentage varies, but it is known that all sorts of chocolate generally earn more body weight and calories.

9. bread made from whole grains:

You can take a healthy bread and helps you to gain weight at the same time when eating bread made from whole grains instead of white bread and one slice of this bread will provide you with 69 calories, and nutrients found its largest of the existing white bread, which helps to more weight gain.

10. Yogurt:

The local yogurt fruit non-fat flavored provide the body with nearly 118 calories of yogurt containing tray at 125 grams, and some people are convinced this because yogurt is always used in the diet to lose weight, but what they do not know is that it depends on the quantity They eat yogurt.

11. natural fruit juice:

the side that provide the body with vitamins and nutrients that provide the body but also by Garret calories by almost 57 calories.

12. Banana:

The fruit of a large banana contains 120 calories, especially if you eat them with breakfast or peanut butter beans will provide herein are fictitious percentage of calories. It is worth mentioning that the banana is very rich in simple carbohydrates, making it the very act of weight gain, therefore Eating bananas in abundance please you to gain weight more quickly.

We have thus we present the most important foods that are considered the best solution for all people who suffer from thin, so keen to be addressed in order to get rid of the slim and blessed with the body of a consistent strength and healthy free of thinness.

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