7 Uses of Tea Bags You Never Knew


If you think it takes big money and an even bigger chunk of your time to look beautiful, then it’s time for you to rethink.

I don’t mean to say spending a lot of money and time on your appearance doesn’t make you look good – it does. But then, there is a better way of upping your beauty quotient with less time and lesser spending!

Yeah, I am talking about tea bags – the used, forgotten, and ignored tea bags inside your kitchen shelf that can actually help you improve your looks in a number of ways!

Wondering what they are? Please continue reading!

1. Dark Circles, Bye Bye!

Now, unless otherwise you want to look like Linda Blair from The Exorcist (just joking), you can follow this.

We all know how visually damaging (and sometimes, even scaring) under-eye dark circles can be. And if you have been searching all through the medical stores in the city for that one product that can cure dark circles, then just wait – you got to search right in your kitchen, because that is where the tea bags lie.

Simply soak two tea bags in warm water and place both on each of your eyes for 20 minutes. Tea bags help cure under-eye dark circles, and even help treat puffiness of the eyes .

2. Heal Bruises. And Heal Them Faster.

If you are a fitness enthusiast or a passionate sportsperson, this tip should come in handy for you. Tea bags are one of the greats when it comes to healing your bruises. And they are the masters when it comes to healing them fast.

Just put a soaked tea bag on your bruise. This will help heal the bruise faster. This is because tea contains tannins , which constrict the blood vessels and stop the leaking and discoloration.

3. The Ideal Substitute For A Facial Toner:

About to head out with your friends and rock the party night? But don’t have a facial toner?

How sad, no?

No. Not when you have a tea bag handy! Take a tea bag, quickly wipe it over your trouble zones and gently pat with a clean towel. And see yourself become as fabulous as a full moon!

4. No More Sunburns:

Sunburns are one of the most common issues most of us face today. But that wouldn’t be the case if we all use tea bags.

Place a few tea bags in warm water and let them steep till they turn warm. After they cool down, place them on the sunburns and other minor burns on your body. The tannic acid in tea helps cure the burns .

In case a majority of your skin needs tending, simply brew a tea bath and immerse yourself in it.

5. Bleeding Gums? No Worries!

Bleeding gums can be a real blotch on your overall beauty. They can give you a tough time and you might even feel reluctant to pull off that beautiful smile of yours.

So, what can you do? Just place a cooled tea bag on the problem area. The tannins in tea stop the bleeding and also treat sore gums.

6. Drive Away Wart Problems:

Though mostly occurring on hands and feet, warts can still shrink your beauty quotient. And the undesirable thing about warts is they spread from one part of the body to another. Now that’s not something you would want, right? These cauliflower-like blisters are caused by a viral infection, which can be fought by the tannic acid present in tea.

Take a warm tea bag and place it on your wart for 10 minutes. Do this a few times every day. You should see your wart curing in just a couple of days.

7. Herpes And The Irritating Sore?

Herpes and sores can sometimes make us look scarier than Linda Blair (in case you forgot, the possessed girl from The Exorcist).

That’s an exaggeration. Let me come to the point now.

To cure your herpes and sores, all you need to do is soak a black tea bag in a cup of warm water. Place this tea bag on the areas affected by herpes or sores. The anti-inflammatory properties of black tea bags can give you relief .

So the next time you feel the need for a quick beauty fix, well, you know what to do.



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