Flowers And Beauty care


Have you noticed a pink rosebud or a bright marigold or a fragrant jasmine in your garden. They are beautiful naturally, there is not a word of dispute against it.

However these flowers are not only good to look at but have certain qualities that help us in enhancing our beauty also. If you know their intrinsic qualities you can add them to your daily beauty care regime and add glow to your beauty.

The importance of rose petals are known to all. They are not only soft, & fragrant but have the capacity to transform your skin also. Tea rose petals are supposed to be good for your skin. They are used in different kind of face packs. They have toner and astringent qualities that suits skin of all types.

Soak few petals of tea rose in milk for tow to three hours. Grind it to make a paste. Apply it all over your skin and leave it for half an hour. Wash it off with cold water.This is the excellent cleansing and toning mask for all skin kinds. The best part of this pack is that it is equally effective on oily, dry combination and sensitive skin. Apply this rose mask for three weeks and get a fragrant pink glow on your cheeks. A regular application of this mask gives you a healthy pink glow and helps in reducing all skin blemishes.

Crush petals of tea rose add some milk cream and apply it on your lips. This rose lip balm adds life to darkened lips and results in soft pink lips. Rose petals can also be added in bathing water. Bathing with this water gives you an everlasting natural fragrance for the whole day. Moreover it is one of the remedies for body odor.

Another flower that is useful for beauty treatment is marigold. Leaves of marigold are very good for your skin. Take few petals of yellow marigold flower. Put them in four cups of water and boil till the water is reduced to half. Now let the solution cool off. Before going to any party wash your face and apply this solution with soft cotton. This will give a golden glow to your skin and also acts as an strong make up base. You can refrigerate this solution for 10 days and use it to add quick glow to your skin. Also it is very effective in curing infection, cuts or any marks and immediately stops bleeding.

Chamomile flowers are widely used in aromatherapy and are known for soothing skin allergy. Moreover it has an anti aging qualities. Boil chamomile flowers in water 30 minutes till the water becomes dark brown. You can use this water for aromatherapy, or to sooth skin allergy. Also using this water for bath is very effective in curing body odor and relaxing your nerves.

Hibiscus is another flower that have many medicinal properties. Make a paste of Hibiscus petals and apply it on your hair scalp. They are very effective to cure dandruff and also promotes hair growth. Eating a bud of hibiscus on an empty stomach is very effective to cure acidity and many stomach disorders and adds glow to dull skin


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