Quick fixes for six beauty bloopers


Puffy eyes, bubbled up nail polish, lanky strands that refuse to get styled, over-plucked brows that make you look like Ms Spock; no matter how hard you try, beauty blunders are bound to happen. Some are easy to fix, others not so.
You got a bit carried away and ended up with vampishly thin eyebrows. There’s little you can do till they grow back. But you can hasten that by using a hair enhancing serum like FabIndia Seasame Hair Oil or Tatha Argan Oil Hair Serum. Alternatively, try a specialized brow serum like Rogaine or Viviscal. Then start a good multivitamin that contains Biotin such as Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails 3000 mcg of Biotin. This mineral helps speed up hair growth.
Fix it
While you’re waiting for them to grow out, fake a full brow with deftly applied makeup. Use a wax-based eyebrow pencil or pen like Konad Auto Style Eyebrow and make small, soft and defined strokes. For accuracy, sharpen the pencil before each use. Apply in small, hair like lines and then blend. It’s advisable to use brow pencil a shade or two lighter than your hair color for the natural look.
Smudged eyeliner
It’s mid-summer and by mid-afternoon your mascara is running down your cheeks while the eye shadow you applied so skillfully is creasing like linen. Mascara meltdown is embarrassing and ugly, making you like the Joker in Batman. But hot weather doesn’t have to spell mascara lockdown. There are some foolproof ways of keeping eye makeup intact.

Fix it
Keep an all-in-one makeup remover like Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser handy along with a bag of cotton balls. Dab a tiny amount on the cotton or an ear bud to instantly redefine eyeliner and erase smudged eye makeup. Also keep a tube of concealer like Deborah 24Ore Perfect Concealer Swipe handy to touch up wiped away foundation. To prevent future meltdowns, remember this simple trick; always apply a little face powder under the eyes before applying mascara to act as a shield and absorb sweat and oil.

Blotchy, angry skin
It’s easy to bounce back after a week of late nights when you are 20, not so when you hit 30. Splotchy, red skin and an uneven skin tone are often the result of too much drinking, too little sleep and oily food. Start by drinking plenty of water, vegetable juice and coconut water to remove built up toxins. It’s also a good idea to take a natural supplement like Natrol AcaiBerry Weekend Cleanse to flush out toxins, boost antioxidant levels and support cell regeneration.
Fix it
Blotchy skin becomes more obvious when you don’t exfoliate enough to get rid of dead surface cells. Start using a mild daily exfoliating scrub like Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – Top Pick by Oprah.com to prep your skin for makeup.
Then look for an appropriate foundation to mask the splotches. Moisturizing formulas like Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Makeup work best for dry skin types while a water based formula like Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation or Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Makeup Foundation is ideal for oily skin. While shopping for the right cover-up, also check the color saturation or amount of pigment in the product. The deeper the pigment the better the camouflage. It’s worth spending a little more because pricier formulas tend to have higher levels of pigment.
In your attempt to cover the offending patches, don’t slather on the formulation. A thick layer of makeup just makes it look cakey. Less is more. So just apply a thin layer and sit back while it dries. If you feel you need more coverage then apply a second thin layer.
Chipped Nail Polish
You’re dressed to the nines. Already late for your girls’ night out when you discover your new nail polish is chipped just as you’re calling for the elevator.

Fix it
Don’t panic! Always keep a nail buff like OPI Emery Square Black handy. Gently buff out the scratch or chip. Then apply a thin coat of the same nail color over the entire nail. Let it dry for a minute before applying a quick-dry top coat like OPI Top Coat to seal the fresh polish. Now dash off to join the party.

Greasy Hair
You’ve woken up late for an all-important client meeting and your hair is lankier than a rat’s tail. There’s no time to shampoo so what’s a girl to do?
Fix it
Before you start tearing out your strands, relax, there are many options depending on your hair type and length. You could use a wide headband to hide the worst. Or try a high ponytail, styling hair bangs with a formula like TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls High-Def Curl Spray. Or scrimp up very greasy hair into a bun so the limp ends don’t show.
If you have ten minutes but no dry shampoo like TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo handy, mix together one tablespoon of corn starch, four tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into a small spray bottle. Give it a good shake and spray all over hair especially on the greasy bits. Then run your fingers through strands to distribute the mixture evenly and hit it with the blow-dryer to style as usual. Voila! Your hair looks spanking clean and—even better—oil free. Then go get dressed for that meeting.
Acne attack
You wake up on the morning of adate or friend’s party and find a zit the size of a little hill on your nose. Enough to make any girl recoil in horror but before you decide you’re never going out in public again, try some emergency action.

Fix it
This is time to pull out the big guns. This is no time for a puny concealer. Use a product with enough pigment to hide pimples with just a thin coat.I suggests NYX Concealer Jar. But before using it, apply a cube of ice for a minute or two to reduce swelling. Resist the intense urge to flatten the spot because squeezing will simply tear the skin, making it harder to conceal. Experts suggest mixing two shades of concealer to create a custom blend that exactly matches your skin. Blend the edges of the concealed area to create a seamless line with the surrounding skin and touch it up through the day.

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