8 surprising things that are hurting your skin

Skipping meals
In your quest for slimness you think skipping breakfast or dinner is okay, but it’s not! Skipping meals is very very detrimental to your health and is the number one cause for dehydrated, sallow and dull skin. Eating fewer calories—and getting less essential nutrients—than you need shows up on your face first. Want to lose weight? Do so by all means, but never by following fad or crash diets that cut out entire food groups. Also remember to take an A-Z multivitamin supplement.
High impact exercise
While running, step aerobics and other high-impact cardio does great things for your heart, it can cause the fat pads in your face and neck to slide south. Also, repetitive high impact exercise causes collagen and elastin to break down, leading to the dreaded sag. Instead try brisk walking, swimming, cycling or dancing for a full body workout.
Talking on the phone
Chatting on your cell phone for hours can lead to breakouts and rashes along your jawline and cheek. Studies show that your cell phone harbors more germs than a toilet seat! Make sure to keep antibacterial tissues like Tempo Cleans Alcohol Free Wet Wipes handy to wipe down your phone every day.
Your sunglasses
Like your cell phone, your sunglasses are a breeding ground for infection and breakout causing bacteria. Sure, your sunniest protect eyes from the glare but makeup, oil, debris and styling products (if you hoist them on your head) accumulate on them through the day. Make sure you cleanse them once a day with a wipe .
Hair products
Hair products are great for transforming tresses but a major cause for breakouts and irritation on the sides of your face, forehead, back and chest. Many ingredients in conditioners and styling gels can effect skin, so wash your face after rinsing out conditioner, and spray away from your face.
Heavy makeup
Whatever the manufacturer’s claims, slathering on layers of makeup can clog pores, deprive skin of air and worsen sensitivity. Even if your fave foundation or eyeliner promises 24 hours wear, no makeup should be left on the face that long. Always cleanse your face in the morning and again at night before bed to allow your skin a chance to regenerate and repair itself.
Certain medication
Several medications including antibiotics, Retinoid and even supplements like Vitamin A can increase your skin’s susceptibility to sun damage. Always check with your doctor about the precautions you need to take with a new medication, and if they include sun sensitivity, take due precautions.
Long hot showers
Who doesn’t like a soothing long, warm shower? While an occasional steam session is great, all that hot water strips away the outermost layer of the epidermis, making skin dry and scaly. The minute your skin starts to pucker up or turn red and itchy, you know it’s time to make a hasty exit.

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