Learn How To Manicure


Firstly, put your hands in water in which you have added special salts. This way you will soften your skin and make the next steps easier. When you are cleaning your hands, do not use strong soaps. Use ones which contain milk in order to make your hands softer. After cleaning your hands you can put a hand cream for a really soft experience.

The second step is to define the shape you want for your nails. If you have square nails, leave them like this. How long would you like your nails to be? If you want long ones, think twice because in the routine they will balk.

When you decide the length of your nails, file them carefully from the left to the right side. The most common mistake is that women rasp their nails from up to down side and this way they make the nails break.

A very important step for the perfect manicure is to rasp your nails regularly in order to avoid broken and splintery edges. Try to remove the dead skin with a buffer. Use the buffer carefully because if you push too hard you can make your finger bleed or at least feel a little pain.

The next important step is to learn how to paint your nails. When you choose a nail polish make sure that it is not too dense. If it is, add two or three drops of nail polish remover and the polish will become more liquid. If it does not, add enough quantity of the remover.

Put a basis and wait until it is completely dry. After that put two layers of the nail polish you have chosen and wait for fifteen minutes. Finally, put a clear topcoat to make your nails shiny. It will prevent the chipping of the nail polish. To save the shiny look of your nails, put a topcoat every day. If you want a beautiful manicure, remember that like the other parts of the body, the nails need attention too.


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